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Tuition Sense celebrated its 18th Anniversary this year. Tuition Sense was initiated in November of 1993.

Tuition Sense is a merchandise certificate program that provides families the opportunity to earn credit toward tuition at Our Lady Of Lourdes Regional School. By participating in the program, your child can receive 3% credit toward tuition for every dollar of certificates purchased. The school also receives a 2% commission. The ideal situation is to have parents, extended family members, friends, and neighbors purchase certificates designating your child to receive the credit. You might even consider doing the legwork by purchasing and delivering the certificates for those who cannot make it to the school. If you wish you can give your child the money to turn in at the Main Office at the beginning of the day and pick up the certificates at the end of the day. We do not accept credit card purchases at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Each time you make a purchase of certificates, you receive a copy of the purchase order so that you can keep track of your credits. At the end of each month, the total purchases are calculated and the credits earned are automatically deducted from your tuition bill.

Remember there is no "out of pocket cost" to you. When you purchase certificates, you receive "dollar for dollar" exchange. Example: If you purchase a $50 gift card from Weis you receive $50 face value to be used any time you shop at Weis. If you do not use the full value of the card on one shopping trip, the balance remains on the card for future purchases.

Last school year Lourdes had an enrollment of 429 students. Three hundred thirty-six students took advantage of the Tuition Sense Program. One student earned over $1,400 credit. Other statistics: two students over $900, three students over $800, four students over $700, two students over $600, four students over $500, eleven students over $400, twenty-six students over $300, thirty-two students over $200, sixty-two students over $100, and one hundred eighty-nine students less than $100. The total amount of credit came to $48,300.25. The individual amounts ranged from 30 cents to $1,401.30.

We encourage you to take advantage of the program to help pay for your child's tuition. It really doesn't make sense not to use Tuition Sense. You may be surprised at the dollar savings.

A complete list of participating businesses can be obtained from the Tuition Sense Office. If you have any questions call the Tuition Sense Office at 644-0375 Extension 116.