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Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School Memorials are tributes to those whose love and memories are treasured.

As Catholics, we believe in the Resurrection and life after death and that we will spend eternal life with Jesus Christ and our departed loved ones. We miss those who have died and passed into God's hands. Our memories of them are precious and we seek ways that will not only memorialize them but also celebrate their lives and what they represented.

A memorial is a fitting tribute. The spiritual rewards of remembrances are multiplied many times through the accomplishments of the faculty, staff, and students of Lourdes Regional School, creating an enduring legacy of good works in memory of, or in honor of, loved ones.

Relatives, friends, associates, and special occasions (such as a birthday or an anniversary) are memorialized and honored through gifts to the Lourdes Memorial Fund.

Our Annual Memorial Mass is an occasion to honor members of our Lourdes Family who have gone to their eternal rest.

Through gifts to Lourdes Regional School, families and friends are creating a perpetual remembrance of loved ones as they elect to share in our ministry of Catholic education.

We welcome our special benefactors to our Liturgy.

Names are added to the wall each year when contributions in memory of or in honor of a particular person have reached $500.

The memorial wall, which is displayed outside St. Bernadette Chapel, serves as a constant reminder that we are cooperating in God's plan, and that He will also enrich us "with gifts appropriate to this role."

Memorial Cards are available in the Main Office.